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RF-TRSPIPAD Paring with Laptop



I understand the speaker originally set up for iPad. But in the description, it appears it is also compatible to any bluetooth devices. As I  paired with my laptop, my laptop was able to detect the speaker and pair. However, when clicked into the speaker icon, it said the driver was not installed. I also couldn't find the driver anywhere on the website. Is there a way I can make this work?



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Re: RF-TRSPIPAD Paring with Laptop

Hello kuojustin,

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We'll be happy to look into this concern if you'll please reply with your laptop product model number!

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Re: RF-TRSPIPAD Paring with Laptop

I'm getting this with my Dell Inspiron E6420, which uses the Dell Wireless 375 Bluetooth module, which is based on the Broadcom 2070 chipset.  I also see this behavior on an HP Compaq nc8430, which has a bluetooth adapter based on the Broadcom 2046B1 chipset.


I get two unknown devices in my Device Manager:


"Bluetooth Peripheral Device"



"Bluetooth Peripheral Device"





Please let me know if you'd like me to export any other information.  

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Re: RF-TRSPIPAD Paring with Laptop

Hello moktarino,


Have you attempted to update the drivers for your Bluetooth adapters? There is no software available for the RF-TRSPIPAD, so if you computer is requesting an update, then it must be the Bluetooth stack (driver) that needs updating.

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Re: RF-TRSPIPAD Paring with Laptop

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