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RF-MSE14 Software Suite


I had to uninstall & reinstall the drivers for my RF-MSE14  on my Win7 64 bit pc because the wheel was very laggy & unresponsive at times. I came to the Rocketfish site and downloaded the drivers and now the wheel is working as it should be.


But the drivers I downloaded are just that, when I go to the open the software it only shows the one tab that has the checkbox for whether or not you want the icon in the system tray. (btw I have that checked but doesnt show up in my system tray) There are no other tabs. Just the one with your software version & the checkbox. On the download page for this mouse there are no other downloads. How do I download the full suite so I can customize the buttons? The system mouse settings control panel wont let ms as it isn't a Microsoft mouse.   


Thank you.

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Re: RF-MSE14 Software Suite

Hello uuprikucho,


I apologize for the delay. Please re-download the software from the product page as it has been updated and should have the software you require.