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RF-HPL302 keeps turning off

i have the RF-HPL302. It works great.  only problem is the reciever is in the ceiling for my projector.  When i turn the transmitter off, the receiver automatically turns off.  how come it cant automatically turn back on when i turn the transmitter back on?  Makes no sense.  now i have to open up the ceiling tiles to turn it back on.  Anyone to keep the reciever on so i dont have to keep messing with it?  Maybe and update to the firmware or something?

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Re: RF-HPL302 keeps turning off

Hello Ryanm0085,

Welcome to Community@ Insignia™!


The way this unit is designed, it will turn on as soon as it receives a signal. So, make sure that your are turning the sender and all other outputting devices on. That will ensure the receiver receives a signal and it should turn on. 


How far apart are the sender and receiver? Once you get the receiver on, do you have any other problems?

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