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RF-HDMI4 No Audio

I have an RF-HDMI4 HDMI splitter. I have it connected to

1. My Dish Network receiver

2. My PC

3. My XBox 360


I do not have audio on the PC, because the video card is video-out only (normal), so I play the audio through speakers.

I have normal audio through the XBox360


I do not have audio through my HDTV, a Sanyo from circa 1995. I have read several other posts related to connectivity issues, and fear that it is the age of the TV that is not dealing with the satellite audio. The video is fine, not problems at all. I just want to either rectify this directly, or, at least, have it confirmed that the TV is not processing the multiple inputs adequately. I am not sure I understand why this would be the case, since the RF is a switcher, and as long as the HDMI is supplying both video and audio, the TV shouldn't care how many devices I have plugged into the Rocketfish.

If I am unable to fix this, I'll just have to run the satellite audio through a stereo receiver. I'd rather not have to do this.


Any help/elucidation would be greatly appreciated

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Re: RF-HDMI4 No Audio

Hello slochastap,


What is the model number of your TV?