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RF-HDMI4 Issues with PS3

Two things.


1) At 1080p resolution, I was only able to get the PS3 to work on Port 1. Any other resolution in any other port worked fine, but  1080p only in port 1. Not horrible, a little annoying, but whatever.


2) When playing on the PS3 sometimes, at random, the sound will cut out. It won't just stop, but sort of studder, cutting in and out, before just dropping. Sometimes it comes back in the same way, sometimes I have to unplug and replug the HDMI cable leading to the TV HDMI port. Unplugging and replugging in the cable in port 1 of the box doesn't do anything. So yes, when it happens all my devices have no sounds (Xbox 360, Samsung HD Cablevision cable box). Funny thing is that it only happens when using the PS3. If I leave the PS3 off, no problems occur with the other devices.



Is it the cable? Which cable? Bad switcher? frustrating.

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Re: RF-HDMI4 Issues with PS3

Hello Drew,

Welcome to Community@ Rocketfish™!

We'll be happy to look into this concern if you'll please reply with:

What is your TV model number?


If your concern occurs during viewing, in what mode does it happen (e.g. cable/satellite, gaming, over-the-air broadcasts, DVD/Blu-ray)?


If other components are involved (e.g. a game console, home theater system, or Blu-ray player) what are they and how have you connected them to your TV (e.g. HDMI, composite, component)?

Is the problem intermittent or frequent?
Have you made any recent changes or additions to your home theater configuration?

The more information that we have about your situation, the better we may properly address your issue.

Rocketfish™ Support

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Re: RF-HDMI4 Issues with PS3

Ok, so details, here we go.


TV: VIZIO VM230XVT - upgraded to latest firmware


I use the vizio for MANY things. In HDMI port 1 I use it as the 2nd monitor for my computer. The computer is custom built. But the video card being used is currently a Sapphire AMD 5870 card. In HDMI port 2 I have the 4 port switch connected. In the component input I have the Wii.


Attached to the switch is:

Port 1 - PS3

Port 2 - xbox 360

Port 3 - Empty

Port 4 - Cablevision's HD cable box (Samsung)


All HDMI cables are 10 feet or less in length. So signal issues shouldn't really be a problem at that length.


I'm only going to talk about problem 2 really. Problem 1 isn't that big a deal really.


The most recent change I made to my setup is adding the 4 port switch, buying a PS3 Slim 160 GB model, and getting the HD cable box from Cablevision. Before that I just had the xbox connected to HDMI port 2 on the TV.


The problem is definately intermittent. Sometimes I go days without seeing an issue. It definately only happens when I'm using the PS3. I have never, to date anyway, see the audio cut out while using either the xbox or the cable box. And when it does happen, it will happen a few times some minutes apart then will disapper for days.


Anything else?

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Re: RF-HDMI4 Issues with PS3

Hello Drew,


I would suggest trying a different HDMI cable with the PS3 to establish if the cable is the root of the problem. If the issue continues to occur after trying that, then I would suggest taking the RF-HDMI4 to the place of purchase along with the receipt to obtain warranty service as the switch may be in need of repairs. The RF-HDMI4 has a 1 year warranty from the date of the purchase.