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RF-HD35 issues -- blinkiing light -- not recognizing drive

I have been using an RF-HD35 disk enclosure for several years.  A week or so ago the blue light starte flashing regularly at about a once per second rate.  I'm not sure what this means but searching seemed to indicatte a bad disk drive so, I replaced it.


The driver configured automatically when I reconnected and powered on the enclosure.  When I go to Device  Manager, I can see the USB disk drive but when I go to Disk Management to format the drive, it does not appear.  I am at a loss for what to do.


Suggestions, please.

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Re: RF-HD35 issues -- blinkiing light -- not recognizing drive

Hello Tigercat200,

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I'm thinking the enclosure may have stopped communicating with the drive, so the computer is just seeing the enclosure but not the Drive within. If you take the drive out, and connect the enclosure to the computer, does the same Device Manager driver load? Another question, if you still have the original drive, you may try it in a different enclosure to verify if it functions or not.

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