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RF-GUV1202 Problems

I just bought this headset today, and have done everything the manual tells me to do to set this headset up with my computer (32 bit windows 7), My wireless transmitter seems to be working fine, but whenever I turn on the receiver, I head a buzzing whine in the headset, and a few seconds later the receiver turns off. If anyone could help me, it would be appreciated.


EDIT: It seems if the transmitter is off, the receiver won't act this way, and will just try to connect to a transmitter, but once the transmitter is turned on, and it can connect, it displays this behaviour, and turns off. Odd thing is, in the 2 seconds before it turns off, the headset actually does work. The audio playing on my computer does get played by the headset.

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Re: RF-GUV1202 Problems

Hello david_buckley,


From the description you have provided, I believe that you are experiencing a hardware related issue with your headset. I would suggest taking the unit, along with the receipt, to the place of purchase to obtain service under warranty.