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RF-GUV1201 Wired Headset having muffled/fuzzy mic issues

I had been given this wired headset, model RF-GUV1201, as a gift not even a month ago and ever since I've been using it I get complaints about my mic sounding "muffled" or "fuzzy." I've tried adusting my settings on my PC, such as my mic's level as well as making sure boost isn't on, but I keep having the same problem. 


Is there any way I can make it sound more clear, or is the quality of the headset itself the issue?

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Re: RF-GUV1201 Wired Headset having muffled/fuzzy mic issues

Hello luckynumbers,


Have you tried recording audio using the "Sound Recorder" program in windows? This will allow you to determine if the poor audio quality is due to the an issue with the mic or if it is a separate issue. It is possible that the audio quality could be related to your internet connection or the program you are using to transfer the audio. If you test the audio with sound recorder and it sounds poor, I would suggest taking the headset to the place of purchase to obtain service.