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RF-G1185 Failure after 1 week

I purchased the unit to switch between a PS4 and a Wii - U. Worked fine for a week, now the signal to the TV on any input just toggles on and off conintually. There's never signal long enough for the TV to even lock to it.


Have attempted cycling the power and unplugging the unit completely, but the behavior remains. Would like to submit an RMA but can't find anything on the website that would indicate how to do that.



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Re: RF-G1185 Failure after 1 week

Hello skroo,

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There is a few things I would have you try. Connect all of your devices to the RF-G1185. Unplug the power from all devices for at least a minute. This will allow all the devices to boot up together, and HDMI is very picky. See if it works after doing this.


If not, does the RF-G1185 light up at all? Do either of the devices work when connected directly to the TV? The warranty process is handled at the place of purchase. If it was Best Buy, then you would just bring the product into the store to Geek Squad with the receipt for warranty evaluation.

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