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RF-G1182 Issues with Apple TV

Just purchased a RF-G1182 Splitter with the intent on distributing content from my Apple TV between two TVs in adjacent rooms.

Currently, just connecting ONE TV through the splitter, results in a green screen, with a small moving band of flashing video. 
I've purchased premium cables, that's not the issue. I also understand that there can be DRM issues trying to display on two screens (which I didn't actually know until I started looking at my current problem), but since there's only one display connected at the moment ...



Another test - hooked it up to my Tivo instead of the Apple TV, once again, just ONE display connected - exact same result. Green screen and narrow band of flashing "out of sync" video. OK, so it's not JUST the Apple TV then.

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Re: RF-G1182 Issues with Apple TV

Hello LesMizzell,

Welcome to Community@ Rocketfish™!

Getting the green screens usually means an HDCP error. Unplug the power cable to the TVs involved, the Apple TV, and the Rocketfish splitter for at least a minute. While they are all unplugged, check the HDMI connections and make sure they are all securely connected. Then plug in and power on the Apple TV first. Give it a moment to boot, then power on the Rocketfish. Then the TVs. This should allow all of the devices to sync up and play correclty. 


if the issue continues, can you connect the Apple TV directly to the TV and see if the issue continues?

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