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RF-G1171 not working with Galaxy Note 2 + LG 47LN5400



Just got this setup and connected everything.  I get no connection on both HDMI ports.  Will the RF-G1171 work with MHL compatible TVs? as I checked the LG 47LN5400 is...


Or is there something else I need to do, please help.  Tv asks if i want to connect on both HDMI ports 1 and 2 but when i click okay it says no signal.  How do I resolve this problem? Thank you in advanced.

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Re: RF-G1171 not working with Galaxy Note 2 + LG 47LN5400

Hello s1akr,

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With using this on a Note 2, you will want to make sure you use the included Micro USB 11 pin adapter. You will also need to make sure you connect your phone micro USB charger to this adapter to supply power. Once everything on the adapter is connected, you should be able to connect to any standard HDMI port on the tv.

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