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RF EX-7 will not search for pairing?

I bought a 'reconditioned'  EX-7 and after charging it tried to pair it with my Galaxy S4. When turning the EX-7 on it is supposed to flash green rapidly while it is searching for a device pair with correct?  This one does not, it just blinks real slow- the same rate they blink at to let you know it is on. Is there a way to reset it or is this just spare ear pieces and charging gear now?


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Re: RF EX-7 will not search for pairing?

Hello ArcticTaco,

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The only possible reset I could find is to press and hold either the power button or send/end button for approximately 10-15 seconds.  This model does not have a listed reset, but I know that works on other models.  If that fails, then I think it might be broken.

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