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Pairing RF-MAB2 with Blackberry Playbook

I recently got a pair of these headphones for christmas, to pair up with my laptop and 9900 Bold. The headset works perfectly with my phone, and well with my laptop (apart from some minor microphone issues).

As a christmas gift to myself I purchased a Playbook, as something smaller than my laptop to watch movies and surf the internet while I'm travelling for work.

Over the last few hours sitting on the train, I've been tearing my hair out trying to get his headset to pair properly! After multiple attempts at paring, where the headset will show on the pairing list and connect, but not activate after connection, has me a little upset.

Symptoms are as follows:
Turning the headset on into pairing mode and doing likewise on the playbook, the headset is added to the list.
The headset stops making the pairing "chirp", however does not make the normal connection tone.
Headset seems to be in receiving mode (slow blue flash), however no sound is issuing through the headset.
Upon checking the bluetooth connection list, no active devices are shown, and when entering the properties of the headset, the option to connect to device is greyed out.

After having deleted the entry for the headset and repeating the pairing process multiple times, I cannot seem to get them to work. Is this an issue with the playbook, the headset, or both?

Any help would be much appreciated!
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Re: Pairing RF-MAB2 with Blackberry Playbook

Hello rnicholas,

Welcome to Community@ Rocketfish™!


Unfortunately the BlackBerry Playbook only supports three Bluetooth profiles:


Dial-up Networking                             Used for Internet connection via tethered phone

Human Interface Device                    Used for Bluetooth enabled keyboards

Serial Port Profile                                Used for BlackBerry Bridge


As such the playbook will not be compatible with a Bluetooth headset.

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