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PS3 Blu Tooth Headset

I'm having trouble with my RF-GPS31104 blu tooth headset.  I can't hear or speak to anybody when it is turned on.  I have deleteed it and re-registered it to my PS3 several times and it still won't work.  Any ideas?

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Re: PS3 Blu Tooth Headset

Hello wolfpackguy,

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Keep in mind that after pairing the headset, you will need to assign it as the input/output device. You will be able to do that at the Audio Device Settings menu on your PS3. For more information on that you may need to refer to your console's manual. 


If the issue persists, and you are not able to test the headset on another PS3, please visit your local Best Buy store so they can assist you on testing this.

Hope it was useful!

Thank you, 
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Re: PS3 Blu Tooth Headset

I am having the same issue with my bluetooth and I think it is poor customer service to tell us that we have to go to the store we purchased the product at and ask for help when that is why you have a site with forum's on it.  Rocketfish should have someone that can answer the question's for us and not have to direct us some where else. 


As for my bluetooth I have google'd it and searched for a few days and every answer I have found is what I have however it still seems to not work.  I can see the little speaker on the top right next to the mini map in Black Ops but I can't hear anything.  I am not even sure I can be heard.  All I want is for something I spent my money on to work and I am sure you can understand that.

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Re: PS3 Blu Tooth Headset

Ok. I've had my Headset since 2010 Christmas. It is of Now 6/2/2011. About 3 Days ago my Mic has Stopped letting me Talk to People in it. I Can Hear them but I Can not Talk. I've Checked my Audio Settings and It says USB Thing is in For Input and Output.. Any ideas on How to Help???

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Re: PS3 Blu Tooth Headset

Hello all,

Welcome to Community@ Rocketfish™!

We'll be happy to look into this concern if you'll please reply with your product model number!

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Re: PS3 Blu Tooth Headset

I just recieved this headset for Christmas,,,it worked yesterday,,,now it just STOPPED working.....reading all these questions...I m takin it back and buying another product...........