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Outlook 2007 Send to Bluetooth function missing

I recently got around to upgrading to Win 7 Home Premium. After uninstall of the old Widcomm software for my RF-FLBTAD USB device, I installed the latest version, uninstalled the device, and reinstalled it.


All BT functions work fine, with the single exception that I have lost the "Send to Bluetooth" dropdown item in Outlook 2007. It's not simply disabled in the add-ons list, it's MIA.


Lots of contradictory advice shows up with a Google search - I'd be grateful for any instruction or clarity the community can provide ... thanks!

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Re: Outlook 2007 Send to Bluetooth function missing

Hello RobCurl,


I would suggest uninstalling your current driver, then installing the driver located here. If are still experiencing the issue after installing the most recent driver, I would suggest contacting Microsoft support for further assistance.