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Need help with HDMI Splitter RF-G1182

Hello! I am attempting to use this product in order to plug a DVD player and XBox console into my TV, but it doesn't seem to be working. Any suggestions? I'm hoping I didn't hook it up wrong!
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Re: Need help with HDMI Splitter RF-G1182

Hello MysticlyClear,

Welcome to Community@ Rocketfish™!

We'll be happy to look into this concern if you'll please reply with:

What is your TV model number?
If your concern occurs during viewing, in what mode does it happen (e.g. cable/satellite, gaming, over-the-air broadcasts, DVD/Blu-ray)?
If other components are involved (e.g. a game console, home theater system, or Blu-ray player) what are they and how have you connected them to your TV (e.g. HDMI, composite, component)?
In the case of connecting a computer, what is your Operating System (e.g. Windows Vista, 7, XP or Mac OS X10.x) are you running and have you recently upgraded your software/operating system?
Is the problem intermittent or frequent?
Have you made any recent changes or additions to your home theater configuration?

The more information that we have about your situation, the better we may properly address your issue.

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