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NES/SNES on RF-G1185

So, I have the RF-G1185 model 4-port HDMI switch, with the NES Classic Edition in port 1, and the Super NES Classic in port 2.  When I turn on one of the systems, with the switch set to that port, my TV shows that input is active, but when I actually switch to it, the screen is black, with the "No Signal" message displayed.  I change the switch to another output, then back again, and the game shows up, but the picture is fuzzy, and no audio.  At this point, I turn the TV off and on agaiin, and the game looks and sounds as it should.


After like, an hour or so, the game disappears, and the TV goes back to "No Signal", but the console is still on and the game is still running, so I have to pause it.  I turn the TV off and on again and it comes back just fine.


I don't know why it does this, but it's really annoying!

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Re: NES/SNES on RF-G1185

Greetings jayo,


HDMI switches are amazing, and can certainly create a more streamlined process for any home theater set-up. It’s disappointing to hear that you’re having some issues with your RF-G1185. I’d be happy to see how I can help.


It sounds like that your TV is losing connection with the HDMI switch. Can you please try to plug your HDMI switch into a different port on your TV to rule out that this isn’t a TV related issue? Also, can you please try your HDMI 4-port switch on an alternative TV to see if you’re still experiencing the same input connectivity issues? I look forward to your reply!





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