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Mini Display Port to HDMI - no picture on my Westinghouse LCD

Rocketfish support:


I have connected my Rocketfish Display Port to HDMI adapter (RF-AP305) from my 13" Macbook Air to my Westinghouse LD 4655VX LCD TV.  When I establish the physical connection, my Macbook Air screen briefly flashes blue but nothing happens on my TV.  There's no reaction at all, just a "No Signal" message the whole time.  I have tried changing the output to all of the available resolution settings in System Preference / Displays.  I have also tried "Detect Displays" and the Macbook doesn't seem to detect the external display / LCD TV.  I have unplugged the HDMI from the adpater and replugged.  Macbook just flashes blue again.  I have also tried rebooting the Macbook with the same results.  Turning the TV on and off also gets me nowhere.


Can you please advise what I can do to make this connection work.  Please note that the HDMI cable works when I use it to connect my cable box to the same TV.


Please help!  Thanks.

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Re: Mini Display Port to HDMI - no picture on my Westinghouse LCD

Hello efkenny,


When did you purchase your Macbook Air? I ask because only late 2010 and newer models support video and audio through mini display port. You might also try connecting to a different display. It is also possible that the adapter itself is not functioning properly and I would suggest taking it along with the computer, to the place of purchase, to have it tested for proper functionality.