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MacBook Pro won't recognize Rocketfish HDMI Switch (RF-G1480)



I have searched all over the internet for the last couple of days and have come back empty handed trying to find a solution or someone else that may have had this problem. 


I recently purchased the Rocketfish HDMI Switch w/ the USB-C option.  When connecting my 2015 Mackbook Pro to the switch, I receive power to the Mac, but it will not provide picture to my Samsung 27" monitor.  I have successfully connected my PS4 to the switch and it operates as normal.


I have since tried to connect my iPhone 12 Pro with no luck either.  I'm starting to wonder if Apple does not support such a product even though it is advertised by Rocketfish that they are compatible.  I unfortunately don't have a USB-C > HDMI cord to try to connect it to an HDMI port on the switch.  Afterall, that's what I thought the USB-C input was trying to alleviate having to do.  


I have gone into Mac display settings and held the option key down to reveal the 'Detect Displays' button and it still would not pick the switch/monitor up.


I'm currently downloading the most recent software update on my Mac to see if that helps in any way.  Please help!





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Re: MacBook Pro won't recognize Rocketfish HDMI Switch (RF-G1480)

Via the specs for the rocketfish switch with USB-C (NS-HZ335), it mentions that it supports video over USB-C using Displayport Alt mode.  Macbooks do not support this, which is why you're having issues.  While it explicitly states this as the standard required, I have no idea why Macbook is included in the examples.  Hopefully a moderator can assist further.  You'll want a USB-C to HDMI adapter, or if you're within your return period you can return this switch.


I personally find these standards nested within standards to be frustrating for the average tech person.  It requires a flow chart to make sure something is compatible if it's not blatantly listed.

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Re: MacBook Pro won't recognize Rocketfish HDMI Switch (RF-G1480)

Hi there, cmattox23.


Thanks for posting with us. You’ve put quite some efforts in this set up. We appreciate the input and feedback provided by jdogg836. For further assistance, please connect with Rocketfish support team here.


All the best!

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Re: MacBook Pro won't recognize Rocketfish HDMI Switch (RF-G1480)



I was ignorant to the different varieties of the USB-C cable.  I was attempting to use the USB-C charging cable that came with my Mac.  Purchased the Thunderbolt USB-C cable today and as soon as I plugged it in I had picture!  


Thanks for all of the help.

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Re: MacBook Pro won't recognize Rocketfish HDMI Switch (RF-G1480)

Hey there,


Thanks for the update on this, @cmattox23! I'm so glad to hear the Thunderbolt USB-C cable helped to resolve this issue. 



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