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Insignia and Rocketfish Bring You 12 Days of Christmas Gadgets!


Insignia and Rocketfish are decking the halls with all of your favorite consumer electronics gifts – from connected entertainment to tablet and gaming accessories. We’ve been busy all year creating products that meet your needs at an affordable price. Now, we want to share our 12 days of Christmas list that is sure to have something for everyone in the family.



Day 1 – Insignia Dual Screen Portable DVD Player



To grandmother’s house you go? You’ll enjoy the entire ride there with this dual-screen display and two headphone jacks for private listening.



Day 2 – Rocketfish Universal Kinect Mount



If you know someone who has a Kinect waiting under the tree, the Rocketfish Universal Kinect Mount is the perfect accessory, allowing you to easily mount your Kinect to the wall, camera tripod or TV.



Day 3 – Insignia HD Radio Boombox



This dual-purpose boombox will bring Christmas spirit to any room, featuring an HD radio for static-free, crystal-clear sound, a CD player and a charging dock for your iPod/iPhone.



Day 4 – Rocketfish Capsule for iPad 2



The Rocketfish Capsule is the ultimate tablet accessory for productivity on the go, offering a lightweight, pop-up work station wherever you are going this holiday season.



Day 5 – Insignia Soundbar



Take your Christmas movie marathons to the next level with the Insignia Soundbar for theatrical sound.



Day 6 – Rocketfish Wired and Wireless Gaming Headsets



For the gamer who has it all, the Rocketfish wired and wireless gaming headsets are compatible with Xbox 360, PCs, Playstation 3 and tablets, providing a seamless connection for an interactive gaming experience.



Day 7 – Rocketfish Atmos Noise-Cancelling Headphones



Whether you’re traveling on a plane, car or train this season, the Rocketfish Noise Cancellation Headphones make your trip more enjoyable, eliminating 99 percent of background noise.



Day 8 – Insignia 3D Blu-ray Player



‘Tis the season for the family to gather around the biggest screen in the home. The Insignia 3D Blu-ray Player provides resolution up to five times greater than DVD, and built-in WiFi.



Day 9 – Rocketfish PadPivot



The Rocketfish PadPivot is this holiday season’s most versatile tablet accessory, easily fitting into a pocket or purse.



Day 10 – Rocketfish Stylus and Pen



For the tablet lover in your live, this stylus that features a soft tip that helps prevent scratches and comes along with an added ballpoint pen.



Day 11 – Rocketfish Ultimate Starter Kit for Nintendo 3DS



All of your 3DS necessities are tidied in one neat pack, including: earbuds, stylus, zip case, car adapter and more.



Day 12 – Insignia Connected TV



The Insignia Connected TV with TiVo Design is the hottest gift this season in connected entertainment, connecting you with content on Netflix, Pandora, Facebook, CinemaNow, among others.


So, what catches your eye? We hope we made your shopping experience a little easier this season. Happy Holidays from Insignia and Rocketfish!