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Having Issues with RF-BTAPDT usb dongle? I found a solution.

Yesterday, I did a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, and had the most frustrating problem. 


I could actually pair the RF-BTKB2 Keyboard I am using with the adapter while in the BIOS by pressing the connect button on both devices.  After that, I could use the keyboard during POST, in the BIOS...but when I got to Windows it was a no go.  


So after going through the lengthy Windows update process and making sure I had all of my drivers current, I came to the Rocketfish support page for the driver download.  As you probably know, it redirects you to the Broadcom driver download page.  I downloaded it, and installed it without issue.  


At this point, when trying to connect the keyboard, the dongle could see the keyboard, and even recognize it as a Rocketfish brand, but it would just sit there and hang forever at Connecting.... 


Uninstalled the driver, reinstalled, searched Google and these forums forever but could find this exact issue anywhere.  GAAH. 


Then, I had the thought that maybe the Broadcom driver software available for download is incompatible and I should try an older version.  Unfortunately, Broadcom's website does not give the option to download older versions.


In fact, they say something rather douchey when you click on "End User Support" in their downloads section: 


"Broadcom does not sell products directly to consumers...[blah blah blah, suck it end user, blah]... As a convenience, Broadcom has posted a generic Bluetooth software release for qualified Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers. The software is posted at "   


Which is the exact same page Rocketfish directs you to for a driver download.  


After Google searching for quite awhile, I finally found the correct version of the driver.  


Direct download link is here  at 


Or, if you do not trust strangers with links to strange websites, what you are looking for is 


BCM2045B3 ROM driver version


BAM! Instant success. Keyboard works in Windows 7 perfectly now.