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HDMI switch interesting issue

Hello all. I just came across a rather odd issue with the 4 port HDMI switch. Let me try to explain and not confuse.

I have 3 devices connected plus the TV on the output. Input 1 is my cable box. Input 2 is a stick and input 3 is a Yamaha DVD/surround sound combo unit.

I use a programmable remote so I'm able to turn off all devices when not in use and switch inputs with a push of a button. 90% of the time we simply watch cable. So when I select "watch tv" on the remote it powers on the TV, Yamaha (for sound through speakers), cable box, and HDMI switch to input 1. No issues here at all.

Every now and again we'll watch something on Roku. If I select "watch Roku" from everything off, the TV gets turned on, as well as the Yamaha for sound and the switch to input 2. No problems.

Here's the issue. If I start out watching TV and everything is powered on and work THEN select "watch Roku" the only thing that changes is the cable box turns off and the switch goes from input 1to input 2. At least in theory. The switch goes to input 2 for a brief second. Enough that I can see the Roku picture, then immediately switches to input 3, the DVD Yamaha unit. I take the wireless remote and go back to input 2 and again, with in a second it switches itself to input 3. On its own and I cannot get the switch to stay on input 2. The only way I can make this work is to turn everything off and select "watch Roku". Then it works well.

The problem seems to be when the Yamaha unit is fully powered up and putting out a video signal I cannot get the switch to stay on the Roku input. It will always automatically switch itself to input 3. Why? Why will the switch skip over input 2?

Help please. It is very annoying to have to power my whole system off just to change inputs.
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Re: HDMI switch interesting issue

Sounds like a setup issue with your ARC (automatic return channel). Should be able to fix through your settings or even run the ROKU through the Yamaha instead.