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HDMI Swivel Adapter - No picture or Static

I just purchased a rocketfish HDMI Swivel Adapter for use with my new Roku stick. I have used both HDMI ports on this TV previously with no problems, but when paired with the Roku and swivel adapter it comes up static with the resolution of the picture constantly shifting. I also tested it with my Wii U console. Plugged in directly to the TV the hdmi port works fine and the picture is perfect, but when the Wii U's HDMI cord is plugged in through the adapter, I get a blank screen. It doesn't say "no signal" so it must have something coming through but the picture is all black. This TV is a 32in Westinghouse.


Then I tested it with a different TV (19 inch Dynex) and it worked with no problems. Is there anything to be done to make it work on my living room TV?



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Re: HDMI Swivel Adapter - No picture or Static

Hello Jasperonious,

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I’m going to recommend an HDMI reset.  To do this, unplug both the TV and the Wii U.  Disconnect the HDMI cable and the swivel adapter from both ends and then reconnect everything.  Then plug in the Wii U to the power.  Give it about 10 seconds to boot up before plugging in the TV. Let me know if that fixes it for you.

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