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HDMI 4 port selector-PS3, Apple TV, and Fios to go through Bose 3 2 1



I received PS3 and Apple TV for Christmas and want it to go through my Bose 3 2 1 system. I was told that I needed to buy an HDMI splicer in order to do this. I purchased the 4-Port Selector RF-G1185 and can’t get any audio.


The person at Best Buy said…

-put my Fios box, PS3 and Apple TV into the Inputs 1, 2, 3

-have the output slot of the 4 port selector plugged into the HDMI slot on my Sony Bravia TV (kdl-v32xbr2)

-have the output optical chord of the TV plugged into my Bose 3 2 1

(I hope this makes sense)


Video is great on Fios and PS3 (haven’t tried Apple TV since the other audios weren’t working), but can’t get the audio to work. I disconnected the red/white/yellow chords from the back of the TV, because I was told that the 1 optical chord would work for everything going through my TV.


I called the Best Buy person and he said that my TV settings needed to be adjusted. I turned off the speakers on the TV and changed my audio setting from “variable” to “fixed”, and still nothing.

Did I misunderstand the Best Buy person?


Any assistance is greatly appreciated!



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Re: HDMI 4 port selector-PS3, Apple TV, and Fios to go through Bose 3 2 1

Hello matpyn,


Sounds like you are on the right track, the only other thing that I would suggest that you do is set the input on the Bose 321 for optical audio. Instructions on how to do this are on page 45 of the manual for the Bose unit, but I will also provide them below:


  1. Display the 3 2 1 system menu on the TV by pressing "System".
  2. Move right to the "Media Center" icon and press "Enter".
  3. Move down to "Optical Source" and press "Enter".
  4. Move up or down to select a component from the list and press "Enter".
  5. Press "Exit" to leave the "System" menu.

This will allow your receiver to receive audio through the optical audio cable and since your TV is already set to output audio through the audio cable it should be the last step in the process.

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Re: HDMI 4 port selector-PS3, Apple TV, and Fios to go through Bose 3 2 1

Hello Zac,

Thanks for your assistance with the Bose portion. I had to go onto a different video 4 “channel” to see the Bose menu on my TV screen. Unfortunately, my technical friend assisted me to get the Fios optical sound to the Bose and only the RCA chords for the PS3/Apple TV from the TV output to the Bose. He said that Sony and Bose may have a licensing issue and that is why the digital/optical audio wasn’t coming through from the TV to Bose.

Thanks again!