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HD Extender

Recently purchased the HD Extender Model # RF-HPL302. I connected the transmitter to my Onkyo AV receiver, and the receiver to my TV in my bedroom. Im getting a picture, but no sound. I reconnected the HDMI cable, and did a power cycle, but still no sound. What else can I do?

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Re: HD Extender

Hello chuck,

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Getting no sound could potentially be an HDCP error. To rectify this, unplug the power to all devices involved (stereo, both RF devices, TV) for at leat a minute. Then start connecting them all to power in the order the signal is going to go (stereo>sender RF>receiver RF> TV). Once they are all booted back up check for sound. 


If you are getting picture then we know that the HDMI cables are all correct and it just has to be a weird glitch that needs to be worked out. 

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