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Another RF-MRBTAD + RF-MAB2 problem.

Ok, basics.


Dell XPS M1530

Win7 x64

All updates, SP1, etc

Onboard BT DISABLED (cause it didn't seem to work either).


Now, my RF-MAB2 works wonderfully with my various phones, Nook, etc. Love the device. So, I wanted to use it with my Laptop as well. So, using the onboard BT device I was able to 'see' and 'pair' my headset but it always said (upon 'connection/pairing/whatever') unable to install device drivers. And would loop on this when trying to 'troubleshoot' via Windows built in trouble shooter. So, I figured it the two were incompatible together.


Thus, I bought the RF-MRBTAD adapter. Installed, got the installer from the product page on this website. Ran it, let it do its thing, all done. (NOTE: Onboard BT was disabled by this time via bios) So, I clicked the 'add device' feature from the BT icon in the system tray. It 'found' my headset, paired, etc. YAY! No 'troubleshoot' yellow triangle under 'Devices'.  Yay right? No, no sound came out. Bummer.


So, I do some digging and notice that the headset timed out due to inactivity, reason being, even though it was found and supposedly paired, etc, it wasn't actually 'connected'. When in the 'Device Control Panel' I clicked connect but got the error: Error connecting to headset. Please retry this operation.  I made sure that 'allow connections' was set in BT settings, so that is out. I've tried various other things to no avail.


HOWEVER. When I restart my laptop, I get an error stating that 'Your Bluetooth software license is not valid for this Bluetooth device [11]'. No idea where or when that started, nor found a surefire way to remedy it either.


Any suggestions/solutions welcome!

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Re: Another RF-MRBTAD + RF-MAB2 problem.

Hello Larcen,


Is the headset showing up in the sound properties windows? You can check to see if it is there by following these steps:


  1. Click "Start"
  2. Click "Control Panel"
  3. Click "Sound"
  4. If the headset is in the list, click on it then click "Set Default".

By setting the headset as default, it will make audio automatically play through headset when it is turned on. If it is not showing up in sound properties, please let me know and we can further troubleshoot this issue.

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Re: Another RF-MRBTAD + RF-MAB2 problem.

Didn't feel it necessary to start a new thread when the title of this one matches so well.  I bought the Rocketfish bluetooth adapter with the intention of hooking up my fantastic Rocketfish bluetooth headphones to my computer.  Unfortunately, when the RF-MRBTAD discovers the RF-MAB2, it connects fine (my RF-MAB2's come out of discovery mode), then says it's downloading drivers about 4 times, followed by "failed to install".  In the sound devices, only my speakers show, and the RF-MABs eventually power down because they aren't connected.


Am I missing a step here?  What am I doing wrong?  Where are theses drivers this thing wants?

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Re: Another RF-MRBTAD + RF-MAB2 problem.

Fixed it with Broadcomm's software, everything's working great!  The software is SetupBTWDownloadSE, and it is on broadcomm's site.  Would not recommend trying to d/l it elsewhere, as that's always dangerous!