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About Everything Mobile Site Blog

Now that you’re here, you might be wondering just what this site is all about. After all, the Best Buy website already has a mobile phone section, right? Well, we’re changing things up a bit with the Best Buy Mobile Content Site. We’ve had our ears to the streets for a while, and after listening to plenty of customer feedback, we’ve designed this site to address the mobile phone needs that interest you most.
As we’ve said elsewhere, we want this experience to be all about you. That’s why we’ve made this site as interactive as possible. Poke around a bit and you’ll find news feeds reporting the latest industry updates, Twitter updates from Best Buy Mobile and our partner sites, a community forum where you can interact with other mobile phone fans and much, much more. (Please do note, though, that the site is still in Beta mode. We know there are some kinks to work out, especially in the forums section, before everything is running smoothly.)
I’d like to make special note of our blog section, specifically our Super Six bloggers. The posts in this section come from six Best Buy Mobile in-store employees who share a real passion for the world of mobile technology. These folks are behind the scenes of the mobile world every day, which puts them in a unique position to know both what the industry is doing and what customers are most concerned about. I invite you to check out their inaugural entries and please – leave a comment, ask a question, make your presence felt. After all, we’re here to serve you.

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Re: About Everything Mobile Site Blog

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