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4-port HDMI selector won't let computer sleep

Unless the HDMI selector is completely unplugged (either the HDMI is going straight from my computer, or the selector is still being used and has no power) then my computer never falls asleep. Here's what happens:

  • Leave computer unattended
  • Per settings, after 10 minutes the monitors go to sleep
  • Computer starts to make noise as if a device is being unplugged and plugged back in repeatedly (disconnect noise, five seconds pass before the the connecting noise, then another five seconds passes)
  • The computer never makes it to sleep, as there is still activity.

When I unplug the selector, the computer has the chance to fall asleep, and does. When HDMI is plugged directly into the monitor from the computer and the selector is powered off, the problem persists.


I am running Windows 8.1, the monitor I am using is an Acer H236HL. Plugged into the selector is my computer and Xbox (in ports 1 and 2 respectively). I am not entirely sure if this started immediately after purchase, but I can confirm that the problem exists only when the HDMI selector is powered, and plugged into the computer in some way.

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Re: 4-port HDMI selector won't let computer sleep

Hello Smee,

Welcome to Community@ Rocketfish™!

It sounds like the selector is constantly pulling signal from your computer.  This would interfere with the sleep function on your computer.  Does switching to a different input allow the computer to fall asleep?  The only real suggestion I can give is to contact the computer manufacturer and see if there is a setting on the computer that can be changed since the selector does not have any.  I am sending this on to the engineering team so they can look into any way of fixing this.

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