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4 Port HDMI Selector

I recently purchased a 4 port selector.  I currently have my Directv box and Apple TV connected to it.  I initially connected my Blu Ray player to it but when trying to watch a Blu Ray the video would skip like the disc was scratched.  I then connected the Blu Ray directly to the TV via HDMI and it worked just fine.  Everything else connected to the selector is working fine.  What would cause the Blu Ray player to not work properly?

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Re: 4 Port HDMI Selector

Hello apdavis18,

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Just for clarification, what is the model # of the Selector you're using? It should start with a RF-?

At first glance it sounds like a HDCP conflict, which is High Definition Copyright Protection. Is the BluRay a older model? The reason I ask is our Selectors are designed to pass HDCP information from Source devices to the TV, but on older devices the signal may end up distorted just enough to play, but not play correctly. Do you have a newer BluRay player you can try, or a Game Console that can play BluRay's on to see how they respond?

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