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2.4 Ghz Laser Mouse (Wireless with Nano Dongle)

I have three of these mice and we love the features. Two of them are on new computers with Windows 7. The third is on an older Pentium 4 system with Windows XP Pro. I just bought the third one for this computer but it is working very strange on this XP system. When I press the "dynamic search' button the screen resolution on the laptop changes and it also opens Google.


Has anybody heard of this happening? The specs for the mouse say it works with Windows XP!

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Re: 2.4 Ghz Laser Mouse (Wireless with Nano Dongle)

Hello ciuohomele,


I would suggest uninstalling then reinstalling the software for the mouse. After doing that open the configuration software for the mouse, which is located in the control panel. Once the software is opened, make sure that the button is set to the "Dynamic Search" function.