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mp3 through a receiver

I have all of my mp3 and flac files on an external hard drive. I want o be able to play them through a new receiver. What type/kind of receiver should I buy? I also need fm. My  budget is under $500.

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Re: mp3 through a receiver

I am in the process of converting all my music CD's to digial for a similar reason. 


I am not certian on doing it from a hard drive however.  You may  need to purchase a large USB jump drive and move your music to there.   A number of receivers come with USB ports to allow you to plug in your USB drives.  However, if your external hard drive connects with a USB port it may work.  I don't know for certain. 


If you navigate to Home Audio there are a number of available options.  Just look for the USB filter.


A pretty good reciever for the money is the Yamaha 

  • Model: RX-V479BL
  • SKU: 6867025

It has a USB for for just such a thing. It is also a home theater receiver that you can use with your TV as well.  just build up the speakers over time to keep you budget in line. 


There are also a number of Stereo Shelf Systems that come with USB ports, and you can expect a number of them to be on sale next week.

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