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I washed my daughters i pod.  It works only when plugged in now.  Any complete restoration suggestions?


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Since ipod has no user servicable parts and the back will not come off without a service tech involved there probably is not alot you can do. You can leave it alone for several days, allowing it to dryout and maybe it will work. I really doubt it though. They do ok in the dryer but that washer will kill them for sure. I am surprised it works at all. Good luck.



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Hello amy,

I’m sorry to hear about the iPod.  The unit can probably be repaired, either by Best Buy® or through Apple.  The difficulty is that damage due to exposure to liquids is probably not covered by the manufacturer’s one year warranty, and is not covered under a Best Buy® Performance Service Plan or Geek Squad® Black Tie Protection, if you have that coverage.  If you wish to have us repair the unit for you, please visit the Geek Squad® counter at your local store and they’ll be happy to assist you.  You may also contact Apple directly at 800-MY-APPLE.

I hope this helps.
John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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I had washed my first daughters i pod and it was my fault because i used it that day and

i left it in my sweatshirt pocket.  I never told her and i dried it with the hair dryer and

it worked but on its own terms.  She told me mom dont worry they get old eventually!!!

I finally confessed and this happend 2 yrs ago.,  She got a new one and the old one worked

great and we gave it to a friend. 


Now i just washed my other daughters ipod but her fault because she threw it accidently

into the washer !!!  I put it in a bowl of rice for 2-3 days and it works great but only on the

charger not on its own when disconnected!!!  What did you do eventually???  Should the

geek squad look at it???  I feel like an idiot!!!  My daughter is so devastated!!!  Not like

we can afford another one!!!