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ipod warranty question

I figured no, but it can't hurt to ask...


My ipod was stolen (won't be recovered, caught it being sold on Craiglist... was already long gone), I plan on replacing it with an iPod touch, but I was wondering if the ADH plan / GSBTP plans were in any way transferrable in this manner?


I honestly doubt it, but yeah, can't hurt to ask and it's  a shame since it's a potential $70 I'm out of...

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Re: ipod warranty question

also, still doubting on my initial quesiton, but what's this about pro-rating I'm reading?


 Is this something I'd be able to do if all else fails?

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Re: ipod warranty question

No, it is not. You can get a pro-rated refund by just going to your local BB with your receipt.

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Re: ipod warranty question

Hello everyone,

 I was just useing my ipod today and it froze. Its been freezing but it clears itself and is fine. This time it totally frozen and the front page shows. I can't do anything about it. Its like it is suck on there. I can plug it into the computer to charge it and I can see the volume bar when I press it but the screen does not work at all.

 Does not slide. The home button does not work. The turn off button does not work either. I hold it down for a long time, did not turn off.

 Now I did not buy a warranty for it. But I don't think this matters or does it?

I did not drop it, It did not fall in water. Nothing I did personally broke it. Its the hardware itself that is faulty. Will I be able to get a full refund or a new ipod if I bring it into the store and ask for a new one.?

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Re: ipod warranty question

Answered your other post.

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