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interconnecting speakers

My idea is to mount speakers all around the house in all rooms, and have music play through all at once or room by room, via bluetooth. Is there a way to have all the speakers communicate with each other in the form of groups and or independants. there would be no wires, it would all be wireless by bluetooth or other forms of wireless transmition. How can i achieve this goal?

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Re: interconnecting speakers

Yes, but not cheaply, at all.

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Re: interconnecting speakers

I would also suggest looking into a Bose system.  As previoiusly stated expensive options.  


If you don't want to spend the money to do it all at one time there are component systems.


Start here  this is a  link to Best Buy's wireless and multi room audio page.


My personal opinion, Bose Lifestyle systems are very good for what you are looking for in a sending music all over your house.  But $$$.


I wired my house up to have audio upstairs, downstairs and out ont he deck. You cannot beat such thing. 


Many of the receivers you will see advertised as multiroom receivers are typically wired speakers. 


An issue with wireless speakers is that you need a power source for each speaker.



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Re: interconnecting speakers

ok understandable, thank you for your input. i can always hid the wires if it comes to it too.