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iTunes Gift Card code "cancelled"

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I have a $25 iTunes gift card that I typed the code in for and it kept saying that it was invalid.  I was unable to read some of pthe code.  Due to this, I contacted the iTunes Support Team and gave them the serial number from the gift card so that they could retrieve my code.  Unfortunately, they said that, "it appears that the code has been cancelled by the retailer" and that I needed to "contact Best Buy to inquire as to why the gift card wa cancelled" and to "ask them if they can re-activate it" for me.


Can my gift card be re-activated?  The serial number is {edited per forum guidelines}.  Unfortunately I do not have my receipt because this was given to me as a gift over a year ago and I am just now trying to use it.  Any assistance would be appreciated!



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Re: iTunes Gift Card code "cancelled"

Appears from what I have read that this is happening to lots of people


I only came to find out about this as I was researching in to ways to send 2 codes I got for taking surveys in a nice gift type message other than just sending them in a e-mail I have to a relitive for a birthday gift as I dont have a ipod/ipad and dont plan on using them. its scarry reading that other are having this issue and how big it is and how it seems to be happening.