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iTouch and iPhone OS 2.0

I have an iTouch and it has an App Store. Cool. However, some of the apps I'm trying to download say I need iPhone OS 2.0 in order to do so. Can I download OS 2.0 to my iTouch? How do I do that? Why do I need to do that when my device is only 4 months old?


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Re: iTouch and iPhone OS 2.0

Most likely the software or versions between the iTouch and the iPhone are slightly different. Just like a lot of devices that are so similar, if they are not 100% similar, there will be programs and features that may work with one device and not the other, or it may work, but not as good. You might want to check with Apple on this one.
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Re: iTouch and iPhone OS 2.0

Howdy JLeigh,


I’m jealous because I don’t have an iPod Touch and I want one!  There are so many fun new developments for the iPhone and iPod Touch that I fear I may have to break down soon and get one so I can be one of the “Cool Kids” too!


As with any computer, there are always upgrades as new features are added.  iPods and iPhones are essentially handheld computers with their own operating system and Apple’s App Store requires the most recent upgrade to the iPhone software (2.1) for full functionality.  Apple has made the upgrade available for iPod Touch too, for a fee.  There are a number of other new features as well, and you may find the full details at


In order to download iPhone 2.1 for your iPod Touch, all you need do is attach the iPod to your computer and visit the iTunes App Store to purchase the upgrade.  Remember, if you’ve already upgraded to iPhone 2.0, the 2.1 upgrade is free! 

Thanks for writing!

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