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iPod screen broken

I dropped my iPod 4G white iPod. My dad bought it around Christmas, but not on Black Friday. He's not good with electronics, so he didn't think to get a warranty. I didn't know until it was broken. I want to know if I can pay for the Geek Squad to fix it or something? 

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Re: iPod screen broken

Your best repair option is to let Apple repair it. You generally pay less then a 3rd part repair shop and you know it will be done right. Plus if you have a Apple store near you they will repair it right there in the store so you can turn around and leave with the device within a hour usually.
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Re: iPod screen broken

Hello there it pretty much to take it to an apple store to fix it over 100.00 dollars. if your dads good with electronics he can alway fix it him self..You can get parts on ebay for about $20.00 screen and tools...