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iPod Warranty

I bought an iPod 4-5 months ago and I bought it with a year-long, Geek Squad protection plan. This protection plan covered every damage besides losing the iPod, so I just have some questions about how fixing my iPod works. The problem with my iPod is the lock button which has been compressed down and will not rise or function.


1. Do I take my iPod to a Best Buy or a Geek Squad?

2. Do I need any info with it or can I just use my phone number?

3. Will it be shipped?

4. If it is shipped how long will it be out?

5. What if it is lost while shipped?

6. Will it cost me anything?

7. Is there any way I can simply get a new or refurbished one rather than have my current one repaired?


Thanks to anybody who can help me!

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Re: iPod Warranty

Hello tomoya13,


The Advanced Geek Squad Protection does cover most damage due to drops and spills. Typically we can look up your plan in store using an email address or phone number, but it's always best to bring your receipt with you to guarantee we can bring your information up and get you the coverage you purchased.


Typically, we will ship your iPod off under our Rapid Exchange program at the same time we ship one back to you, so you don't need to wait as long as you would for a full repair. It usually takes 3-5 days for us to get a refurbished unit back to you from the day you submitted your claim.


It shouldn't cost you anything in addition as long as damage happened durring the course of normal use of the iPod. You've already paid for the protection when you purchased the Geek Squad Protection plan.



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Re: iPod Warranty

Bring it in. 


My Droid was having issues staying connected to 4G.  I took it in, they gave me a loaner.  A few days later they gave me a message to come pick it up.  Turned out to be a brand new phone.  I am not saying you are going to get a new device out of the deal but they will fix it or take care of you if they cannot.

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