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iPod Touch Reserving

Okay, for a few days now I've been wanting the iPod Touch. Everyday I'd look on this website and it'd say that a nearby Best Buy has them. It will say this for most of the afternoon also, but by the time my mom gets home for work so we can go get it, I'll call Best Buy and they'll say they're out. I'm sick and tired of them posting on their site that they have them, but when I call they're out. Is there any way I can reserve one ASAP for a whole day, or what's the maximum number of hours I can reserve?
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Re: iPod Touch Reserving

Some stores may be able to hold one until you can get there, but most stores cannot due to item popularity. The only other option you would have would be to place an order for in store pick up, which will then pull the item off the shelf (if it's available to begin with), and wait for you to get to the store. It usually takes 45 minutes to an hour for an instore pick up item to be ready, and then you have up to 7 days to pick the item up before the order is cancelled.


Also, with the item showing as available then not being, depending on the store, sometimes the employees don't even know. What I would do if I were you would be to talk to someone in that particular department, rather than just ask whoever picks up the phone. And be ready with the SKU number, so you can make sure that they're looking up the EXACT item you're wanting.

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Re: iPod Touch Reserving

I belive that the online checking system is very flawed. Very often they post supply of items when they do not actually have it. I got fooled when I ordered my iPod Touch 16GB 2G and selected a local store, the only one that supposedly had it, but then when I called they said they didn't have it. I will contact Apple pretty soon if they don't handle this...