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iPod Nano Accidental Mess Up?

I will try to make this sound as formal as possible.  I'm 16, and my parents got me a 16gb iPod Nano for christmas.  It only works with iTunes 8.0.  My laptop is my school laptop so I am unable to download iTunes 8.0.  So I figured that I could plug both my iPod and my flashdrive into my home computer and drag my music from my flashdrive into my iPod. Well... this is where I think I messed up.  I think I accidentally clicked a Clear out all button or something in that nature. Because now everytime I unplug it from charging, or even exit out of a game... my iPod resets.  And in the settings it says I've used 0kb, and have 0kb space left.  And like I said it's a 16gb.  So if anybody can help me fix what I did wrong I'd really appreciate it.