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iPhone 3G

Does anyone know the difference between the old iPhone and the new 3G phone?
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Re: iPhone 3G

I found this site is you still are looking for an answer.  Hope it helps!

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Re: iPhone 3G

Just a word/opinion from what I have heard from people who I know have upgraded from the iPhone to the 3G version. I am hearing a lot of comments towards the 3G that makes me think that it's not as good as the original iPhone. I'm hearing about software that's not compatible with the 3G that was with the original. I'm also hearing about programs freezing the 3G version as well. The other thing I hear is that with the latest software updates for the original version, it makes it just as good as the 3G. Of course, you cannot always go by the negative things you hear. And you can always call Apple and ask them, but don't forget that they will say some things to hype the product up as well. So my best bet would be to try and find someone who has a fully functioning iPhone 3G and try to play with it a little and get an opinion for yourself. I personally think there are better phones that the iPhone's but hey, there's something for everyone!