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i pods

Is there a way to repair the charging port on an i pod? My daughter broke some "tines" inside the charging port and I want to know if it is fixable or if I should just replace it.
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Re: i pods

If there was a warranty with the product I would try and get it replaced, but if it's not covered, it would probably be cheaper to just buy a new one.
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Re: i pods

Hey LW256,


In many cases these types of issues can be resolved by simply having a repair technician replace the connections in the AC adaptor jack, but how difficult of a task this is can vary from model to model.  Sometimes these connections are a single part that can easily be swapped out, though they can just as easily be part of a larger assembly.


What I would suggest is that you contact Apple directly or visit a local manufacturer-authorized repair facility (like your local Best Buy® store) to speak with their on-site staff.  Both routes should be able provide you with a number of options, as well as repair estimates if necessary.  Please keep in mind though that iPod Minis and iPod Nanos cannot generally be repaired by Best Buy®, so you’ll want to contact Apple first if you own either of these models.


Hope this helps you out.


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