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Zune 30GB

I purchased a zune 30GB in 2008 and have a 2 year warranty that hasn't expired yet. I have had numouous problems with my zune and was wondering if I could just get a gift card for the amount I paid for it. The only thing I'm concerned about is that they don't make the Zune 30GB anymore, so would that affect me getting a refund? I'm just sick and tired of this thing allways having SOMETHING wrong with it! I've talked to zune tech support and they were no help. I've tried re-installing the software and everything and it just wont work. I have the reciept and everything, so would they give me a gift card for the FULL ammount I paid for it?




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Re: Zune 30GB

Hey potophan89,

Whenever Best Buy® exchanges a product under a Product Replacement Plan (PRP), our stores first and foremost seek to provide you with a replacement product comparable to the model that you originally purchased. If it turns out that no comparable model is available, our stores can then issue a voucher/gift card for the original purchase price of the product.

If you’d prefer avoiding the trip to your local store, however, remember that you can always file a PRP claim by calling our toll-free PRP hotline (1-888-539-6883) or by visiting the website below:

Hope this helps you out!

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