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Wireless Headphones

I spend all day wearing headphones while I work to listen to my Ipod Nano 7 Generation. I mow city properties as well as run a weed eater both are very loud my mower is a large riding mower zero turn these things age noisy. i have been wanting a wireless headset because I get the cord cought in my weed eater while working I dropped my Nano 6 Gen so much I broke the screen out of it just because I cought the cord on the weed eater.


My Husband bought me a Nano 7 Gen to replace my 6 Gen for my birthday a few months ago. Recently while mowing my shoe lace cought on the PTO lever on my mower I bent down to free it and the cord from my headphones is long enough it slipped under the deck cought up on the pully and wripped my Nano right out of my arm band bending it in hald and crushing the screen.


I have sense replaced my Nano 7 Gen it is bluetooth capable but looking at wireless headsets for it is so overwelming lets face it prices are all over options are all over and the reviews are all over based on who likes what for music or how picky people are needless to say I am FUSTRATED!


I don't listen to anything that needs major bass What I am looking for is a decently priced wireless headset with controls on it so I don't have to pull my Nano out of my pocket while working that has loud enough sound I can hear them over the mower/weed eater.


I am not a big fan of ear buds they hurt my ears and leave me with a ringing in my ears. I was wearing a 20 dollar set of Sony earphones ( big over the head style) when the cord went into the mower. Right now I am useing JVC Mellow ear buds I do like the foam like ear bud that you can smush before placing them in the ear they don't hurt but I still get the ringing.


My message and or Question is for a wireless headset good on price, great on sound over noise, and comfertable what would you recommend. At this point I am about to ask people to go mow thier yards while listening to thier jams on wireless headphones. I can't watch any more video reviews or read another set of reviews that are either 5 star or 1 star no happy middle ugggg So shout out folks I need some Major help before I loose any more money just for my one happiness through the day to keep my sanity Smiley Tongue


Thanks a head of time for anyone willing to give me some help in this matter.

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Re: Wireless Headphones

What is your price range. I know exactly what you are talking about. I always used headphones while mowing and I used to runt he cord through my shirt to prevent it from getting caught on the steering controls of the mower but one day the cord came untucked form my pants pocket ripping the cord straight out of the headphone itself. They were nice Sennheisers to!

I ended up replacing them with these they are pricey at 330 but will last you many years if they are taken care of. Sennheisers are excellent quality. Best Buy oddly doesnt carry the 500 series they have the 450 and 550 but not the 500. Completely ignore the Beats by Dr. Dre they are horrible for the price point they are!

The noise cancellation is great and they are very comfortable. Like you I dont care for earbuds as I have tried many and they all hurt my ears and on-ear style would eventually start hurting my outer ear but these are very comfy!
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Re: Wireless Headphones

For my first pair I think 330 might be a bit high on my price. I have seen any where from 30 to 600. I do find even some over the ears start to hurt and when your mowing weedeating and cutting down tree limbs for 6 hours a day 5 days a week comfert is a major plus. Of course battery life would be good to but I can charge them every night I would say for my first set before I invest to much I would go from 1.00 to 100.00 for a range. I would never go with the bass style head phones by the rappers because I am not looking for that sound. I just want clean crisp sound that can be heard over the equipment. I thank you very much for your responce I will look into the ones you sugjested. I like doing my homework before I buy regardless of price and for the price of my ipod I might have to give in and spend a little more then I had hopped.


Whats the distance you have managed to get from your music divice? I have seen a couple pairs of wireless headsets that have a SD card slot in them I thought about them because I could leave my Ipod safe and sound at home and use it for personal use instead of work use.  

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Re: Wireless Headphones

Have you considered a bluetooth headset? 


I'm seeing the SoundBot SB220 unit for about $30, has great reviews, BT w/ noise-cancelling...


You may want to check how well Bluetooth works on the iPod Nano 7th, though. I've seen some complaints/issues, and I'd hate to lead you in the wrong direction.