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When will you list HP Reverb G2?

I'm wondering when BestBuy will get the HP Reverb G2? Does anyone have an estimated date? Mid November? Mid December? Next year?


I would love to get it from BestBuy and avoid other retailers as BestBuy is my favorite.


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Re: When will you list HP Reverb G2?

On the Reverb page their is a button to get yourself notified.  The moderators will not be able to speculate  on when they will be in stock or available again. 


I really like the Reverb's design. The headset looks more comfortable and I really like the side mounted headphones. 


I suggest using the Notify Me.  I have done that on hard to get items. Last summer I had been waiting for a specific computer speaker system.  I got notified, purchased it a few minutes later.  Came back 30 minutes later and they were all gone. 

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