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What are the best earbuds I can get at a best buy store?

I have an iphone 5. I went into a Best Buy and was recommended Beats Tour earphones. It has been a little more than a month now and 3 weeks in my first pair went out and now I just don't feel they're worth the money. Particularly since I can't find buds that fit in my ears like I want. I am a premiere silver member so I can return them. I was just wondering if there was a better earbud that best buy sells in store? I was told Beats and Bose are the best that are sold there. After I told them I listened to mostly different kinds of rock that's when they told me to take the Beats. I've heard Klipsch earphones are just as good if not better than Beats and are $50 less. Ideally I would like earphones with a microphone on it and like in ear buds not over the ear ones.  Is there anything better that I can get? Thank you!

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Re: What are the best earbuds I can get at a best buy store?

Beats and Bose are both overpriced, making them poor value. You are paying for the brand name, basically. There are much better alternatives for much less. I would consider the Klipsch S4 or S4i. They will dominate the beats as far as sound quality on the mids and highs. The Beats will probably produce more bass, but a ton of bass isn't as important to good sounding music as accurate mids and highs. I don't think the Bose earphones would 'win' in any category.


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Re: What are the best earbuds I can get at a best buy store?

Klipsch is not just as good but better then anything "Beats" branded. Beats are horrible for price/quaility/performance. Hydro gave you a good recommendation in Klipsch to go with but also take a look at the Sennheiser CX-985. They are a awesome set of ear buds and at the same price or 10 dollars higher then the Beats. Best Buy sells them but they look to be sold out online. But in the end look for something Klipsch or Sennheiser and you will be happy. Both brands offer superior quality and performance to the Beats.