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Water Damage on 30GB iPod

I accidentally dropped my iPod in water. I have the 3 year PSP, is it covered? The plan says it provides coverage for product failures including internal humidity/ condensation. 
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Re: Water Damage on 30GB iPod

Hello Eve,


While your PSP (Performance Service Plan) does cover such issues as internal humidity, it doesn't cover damage due to a spills or full immersion in liquid.  The unit can be diagnosed by your local store's Geek Squad® and you'll be given a definitive response about whether the damage is covered.


I hope this helps.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Water Damage on 30GB iPod

What if I go buy another one and switch iPods and return it. Would that work?
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Re: Water Damage on 30GB iPod

Did you really just publicly ask if committing fraud and theft is alright?

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Re: Water Damage on 30GB iPod

It may be just me, but you have to be a REALLY cheap person to do that. It doesnt just look bad, it's illeagal.
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Re: Water Damage on 30GB iPod

No you cannot do that because when you return ipods, we run a diagnostic on them and basically check them for any damage.  Therefore, we will know it has water damage and will be unable to take it back.
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Re: Water Damage on 30GB iPod

Take it into the store, tell them it isn't working, and see what they say.


Don't tell them it was dropped in water, just say it stopped working.


They will scan it, and see if it will be replaced.


I had my 30gb iPod on the windowsill, and it happened to rain, the iPod was soaked, in a puddle of water, I let it dry for a day, tried using it the next day, it worked.  Even with water in the screen.


I still have that exact same iPod to this day, I love the thing.

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Re: Water Damage on 4GB iPod nano

I have a question, i let my father borrow my ipod for a trip, on the day  he returned home it rained and the ipod was a little wet the screen was white, but i could still listen to music, so i let it sit for the night, then i charged it and the picture was good ,then it had white stripes coming down the middle, then it was completely white again it has been like that for a couple of hours what should i do?

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Re: Water Damage on 4GB iPod nano

Get a new iPod.

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Re: Water Damage on 30GB iPod

Replacement parts for ipods are getting cheaper, you may be able to have it repaired pretty cheap. Otherwise, I suggest replacement.


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