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Warranty help please!!!!

I have an ipod touch that i bought last year and it has satarted to act up (shutting down by itself, losing songs etc.) i have a warranty on it, would i get a new ipod to replace it?
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Re: Warranty help please!!!!

Hi Jarret!

That’s too bad that your iPod touch is acting up.  I am glad to hear that it is still under warranty though! 

The way the warranty is handled depends on the type of warranty you have.  If you are still under the manufacturer’s warranty then you will want to contact them directly for guidance.  However, if you purchased a Best Buy® Product Replacement Plan (PRP) with your unit then you will receive a voucher for the original purchase price plus tax to be used in any Best Buy® retail location (per the terms and conditions of the Plan). 

I hope this helps!

Thank you,


Sarah|Community Connector | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Warranty help please!!!!

If it is under warranty and cannot be fixed then you will get a new one.  However, getting through the process might drive you to drink.  I just went through the process and I found Best Buy to be uninterested in giving me information or following through with their commitments.  They did a really good job stonewalling or, as politicians would say, misspeaking.  Good luck and have a lot of patience.