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Stereo recommendations 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

I just bought a Wrangler and am very disappointed in The Bluetooth uconnect system The stock deck has.

I would like to hear what you guys recommend while I wait to hear what The wrangler forum guys say.


My requirements follow;


I exclusively listen to Pandora, except when I have no coverage, then I listen to MP3's, so Bluetooth to My phone is acceptable. 

I want a good bluetooth voice calling system, nothing fancy at all, I just like The handsfree options. The Chevy Sonic I drive for work has an awesome setup on the stock deck, its quick to recognize the bluetooth and immediately starts playing music or taking calls.


I would like it to connect to The steering wheel buttons My current deck uses, and if this generally isn't possible I may just get The upgraded version of the stock deck because this is very handy <no pun intended>


I plan on adding a couple of headrest speakers and a small sub for behind The seat, so accommodations for this would be appreciated too.


I'm also interested in satnav and adding camera input for babyseat viewing or backing up.


What deck is as close to what i want?