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Sony Walkman & Rhapsody

My wife purchased a Walkman (NWZ-E438) for me specifically because it's advertised to work with Rhapsody. And it did - for 2 weeks. After that, the Rhapsody software stopped working. No more transfer of subscription songs, purchased songs, or anything else. The Walkman works fine, and I can download using other software, but Rhapsody To Go doesn't work.


Rhapsody's customer support consists of telling me how the software (should) work. They seem incapable of logging a software bug and getting it fixed. If you are looking for an mp3 player to work with Rhapsody, buy the player, but stay as far away from Rhapsody as possible.


This is my 2nd Rhapsody issue. The first time, it took up 50% of a dual cpu computer's cycles. That bug they fixed (after about 10 emails from me).